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Tips To Minimize Hotel Wastes

To increase hotel sales it is utterly important to maintain the perfect ambiance and cleanliness within the hotel premises, so that the guests are pleased to come back to your hotel. With so much cleaning, laundry, repair works on a regular basis, it is evident that hotel make a lot of waste that ultimately puts strain on the nature. With people becoming more conscious about the environment, even the hoteliers are taking up environment friendly measures. Many hotels provide their guests with the option to not have their towels cleaned every day. This might seem insignificant, but in the long term it proves to be effective. Surplus generation is common for the hospitability industry since they have to upgrade themselves on a regular basis to maintain the appeal. Especially for hotels, upgrades are necessary since the equipments and facilities experience extreme wear and tear on a regular basis. To keep up the hotel sales, it is necessary to maintain the aesthetics, so that the damages are not visible to the guests.

With each upgradation, a lot of surplus is generated which can be turned into useful materials with help of the environmentally conscious surplus organizations. There are two types of organizations available, the first being profit businesses that help hotels to get rid of their old furniture. Generally these organizations work across the country, many of them work regionally. When hiring profit business, consider its location and the way it handles the rejected goods. In most cases, these surplus companies will carry away old goods and offer these to other interested people, so that these can be reused for personal or official use. This means the waste generated is reduced. The surplus company would offer some compensation to the hotel, though this amount is not enough to buy new goods, it is sufficient cover the overall cost.

The other option is non-profit surplus organization. Dealing with non-profit organizations mean, there would be no monetary transaction and these organizations would repurpose these old goods and donate them to schools, universities or other charities as and when required. While the hotel does not get any compensation, it is a great way to serve and help the community.

Another economic way to reduce surplus is to repurpose the hotel’s old furniture and use them again. If done properly, the old furniture look like new and the guests will not be able to point the differences. This way you can avoid purchasing new furniture and use the funds for other purposes. By repurposing furniture, equipments, upholstery and other items, it is possible to minimize surplus considerably and save the environment from being damaged. So the hotel management should introduce programs to offer hotel sales training for the employees which would also train them to take up environment friendly measures to upkeep the hotel.