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  • Seminar at New Delhi, January 2014

Keep Your Employees Happy And Increase Hotel Profits

Happy employees are the secret to successful businesses. The more satisfied and content your hotel employees are, the more you’ll be able to make profit for hotels. It’s high time for the hospitality industry and by having good management practices; you can achieve your future goals. Researches show that happy employees are able to win loyal customers, so make sure you keep your staffs satisfied. The key to success in the hospitality sector is customer satisfaction, which is directly related to the code-of-conduct of the hotel staffs.  This means happy staffs will make happy customers, which in turn will enhance the branding for your hotel. If the employees are less motivated, it will be reflected in their attitudes and will make your customers unhappy. Social media and online travel sites have revolutionised the way, people think. You’ll find many reviews stating they had great experiences, since the hotel staffs were friendly and well mannered. Hotels getting such reviews are sure to get better ratings and find an increased number of potential clients. Whereas hotels that have reviews stating they offered bad experiences due to inexperienced or un-friendly staffs, struggle to prosper.

So to make sure your hotel business prospers with time, you need to encourage employee engagement and this is achieved by offering the proper hotel sales training to your staffs. Staffs are representatives of your business, so they should work towards building stronger and long-lasting relationships and offer 100% customer satisfaction. This not only gains customer loyalty but also increases the profit for hotel.

So how can you ensure that your employees serve better?

  • Let the hotel staffs communicate openly with the management. This way you’ll know the problems they are facing and will be in a better position to provide solutions.
  • Provide necessary training which will enable your employees and managers to focus on the employee-client relationship. You need to have happy and loyal customer base to ensure security and longevity of your business.
  • Client’s spending behaviours are highly impacted by the quality services offered. Friendly-staffs, quick check-ins and honesty are few things that people look for. So make sure your staffs are happy enough to keep the customers happy.

Expectations are rising and fulfilling customer expectations are becoming tougher. Staffs are assets for your company or business, so make sure you keep them happy and satisfied so that it gets reflected in their services and they serve the clients better. So take up practices that ensure your employees remain engaged, motivated and satisfied.