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How People Choose Hotels

The choice of hotels greatly depends on the services and experiences provided by the hotel. While some hotels offer services and facilities that attract people from all age groups, others would attract a specific class of people. The 50something people will look for traditionally rich hotels while the 20something want to stay in hotels that offer free Wi-Fi services, games room, etc. Another important factor that determines whether people would choose your hotel over your competitor’s is the quality of customer services that you offer. Providing the right kind of hotel sales training to the hotel staff will ensure, they serve the customers better and in return increase the overall image and revenue of the hotel.

Hotels range from budget to ultra-luxury; depending upon the services and facilities provided by the hotels, they can be categorized into the following types:

  1. Independent Hotels

  2. Hotel Chains and Resorts

  3. Economy Hotels

  4. Moderately-priced Hotels and

  5. Luxury Hotels

The necessities and preferences of the senior travellers are strongly different from those between 20’s and 30’s. We’ll have a look at the trends of how the seniors and Gen Y choose their hotels.

Direct Bookings vs. Using OTA:

The senior travellers prefer to deal directly with the hotels to book their rooms and plan their stay, while the younger generation likes to take advantage of the deals available on the OTAs. The fact is that, you can directly negotiate with the hotel and get a price that matches the OTAs.

Choosing Specific Hotels:

The senior generation pay more importance to past experiences when choosing a specific hotel. They will also look for value for the money they spend. If they have good experience with a specific hotel, they’ll prefer staying in the same hotel again, whereas GEN Y considers the location and room rates as determining factors while choosing hotels. Customer services will be of greater importance to the people belonging to 50’s and 60’s age groups. So you should have staffs and services that cater to the needs of all age groups, to enhance the branding and sales for your hotel.

Must Have Features for Hotel Websites:

If you want your hotel to be preferred by people of all ages, you have to design the website so that it influences the younger generation as well as offers the right information to the senior people. The matured people would look for information that can be accessed easily, while the younger generation would look for a pretty website with lots of attractive pictures. So when designing a hotel website, make sure people can navigate to the booking page easily and have a different section with beautiful pictures to attract the young travellers.

Wherever your hotel is located, your prime focus should be on the customer service. Also consider the age of your clientele to determine what kind of decor it should have, the facilities, etc. Once you get to know what works best for you, you can improve on those areas and increase the overall revenue.